When you are in the process of moving house, you are looking for a removal company that will streamline everything and move all of your valuables safely, efficiently and easily.

However, whilst most moving companies will claim to move anything, there are certain items they cannot, or in some cases would not like to move, much in the same way that Royal Mail will not allow you to send certain dangerous objects in the post.

In a lot of cases, if you warn a removal firm ahead of time and either pack it yourself or get specialist packing tools ready they can move a lot of fragile, precious and valuable items, but here are some items a removal company is on likely to take with you.


Scuba Tanks

If you are an avid diver, be forewarned that many removal firms will not allow oxygen tanks onto their vans, for very simple safety reasons.

Scuba tanks, when full, are filled with pressurised oxygen, which can rupture, or even explode, if they are bumped around too much, which is an unacceptable risk.

Try to move it yourself, and empty the tanks completely ahead of time.


Perishable Food

Unopened non-perishable food such as cereal, tinned food, pasta and other foods like this can be moved without a problem, but during a move, it is very difficult for movers to keep food cool, so milk, butter and fresh produce should be eaten or disposed of before moving day.


Nail Polish

Nail varnishes, polishes and polish removers cannot be sent through the post and most movers will be wary of moving them for the same reason. If the little bottle breaks, it can leak toxic and flammable chemicals and so it should be handled with care or safely disposed of before the move.