Moving house is said to be one of life’s most stressful experiences, but with a little forward-thinking and planning, it need not be an expensive one too.

In addition to buying a house, there are so many other costs involved associated with moving that homebuyers need to be aware of. Moving costs, agents fees, and now that the holiday is over, stamp duty costs can all add up. We have some simple tips to help save money when making plans to move house.


How can you save money moving home?

The first tip is to make sure you get yourself organised well ahead of time. Movers who get things done quickly and at the right price are the ones who get organised quickly before the process of moving has begun.

Getting all your ducks in a row is the key to avoiding delays and unnecessary costs. For instance, you would never buy a ticket for a flight last minute, so avoid having to pay extra by organising things like removals services as much in advance as you can.

This will also help avoid delays due to availability, meaning you will reduce the amount of time wasted, and the costs that that will incur.

It is a good idea to consider your utilities in advance too, so you don’t find yourself without WiFi, TV, or even electricity, gas, and water before you move it. Moving day is stressful enough without being unable to fill a kettle and switch it on at your new home. Moving home is thirsty work!

As soon as you have confirmed your move-in date, talk to your utility providers to make sure you have any necessary installations booked for a date that suits you.

It is more important at the moment with many people working from home and will save you missing work, or paying for temporary internet access or using all your mobile data.


Can you still save on stamps duty?

If you’re looking to save money moving house, you might still be able to benefit from the stamp duty holiday.

To avoid a cliff edge where people miss out on any Stamp Duty relief, the Chancellor announced the holiday would be phased out over the next few months.

Previously the Stamp Duty holiday meant people did not pay any Stamp Duty on properties above £500,000, but from 1 July, house buyers have to pay Stamp Duty for purchases above £250,000.

The tax levy will be slowly passed out until 1 October 2021, so there is still time to benefit from savings.

Also, first-time buyers will be entitled to a discount on stamp duty from October, and also do not pay any tax on properties up to £300,000.

The tapered Stamp Duty holiday will remain in place until October 1, 2021, so there is still a few months left for people to get the savings.

First-time buyers who pay between £300,000 and £500,000 will pay stamp duty at a rate of five per cent.


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