If you’re about to move to a new home, it can feel utterly overwhelming with all the jobs you need to complete.

The housing market has been incredibly busy over the past year, with 83,000 mortgages approved in March alone! If you’ve succeeded in finding a new home, then you want to ensure that your move goes without a hitch. We have some expert tips to help you along.


Bring in the experts

It may be tempting to ask friends and family to help you move, but hiring a professional moving service is a wise investment. They will have experience in all manner of house moves, and can help make it as effective as possible, and will have the expertise and equipment to ensure everything is moved safely.


Plan well in advance 

As well as the high levels of activity in the housing market likely meaning that removal services are booked up ahead of time, it is wise to coordinate with your movers to ensure everything is conducted in a COVID-secure way.


Stay alert and keep your distance

Aside from the social distancing guidelines, the process of loading and unloading your belongings can be time-consuming and will go quicker if you ensure everyone is out of the way of the removals service. Keep all doors and windows open to ensure there is airflow throughout the house.


Triple check removal boxes are secure before moving

Don’t risk your carefully packed contents getting broken or damaged because they fall through the bottom of a box during the move. Reinforce any large or heavy boxes with strong tape to make double sure.


Avoid using bin liners and plastic bags

It can be a wise idea to pack precious belongings such as jewellery, books, or photos in a wheeled suitcase to provide added protection. However, be wary of instead packing clothing in a black bin bag and mistaking it for rubbish and throwing it out.


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