Viewing a potential new home can be an exciting experience, but it’s important not to get carried away by the plus points, and overlook any areas of concern. Here are some tips to help you make a balanced decision about whether the house could really be the right home for you.

1. Check out the local area

Spend some time sussing out the location. Is it near a busy road or rail line that would be noisy? If you drive, is there adequate parking? Are there facilities nearby such as schools and pubs or offices which would make it busy and noisy at certain times? Is there access to open green space nearby?

Also consider how far away you are prepared to live from amenities such as shops, doctors’ surgeries, public transport, schools, or vets.

2. Examine the exterior structure

Check out the roof, as this will be costly to repair if it is in poor condition. Look out for damp and cracks in the walls, and missing or broken guttering. 

3. Look carefully at the soundness of the interior 

Try to see past the state of the interior décor to gauge the overall soundness of the house. Does it smell fresh, or musty and damp? Are there obvious signs of damp and mould or cracks in the walls?

4. Is there adequate space and storage?

Try and visualise your own belongings in the house; would it feel cramped and cluttered? Are there enough cupboards and storage spaces for cleaning utensils, spare bedding, and any other stuff you might have, such as sports equipment?

5. Visit the property more than once

You will probably spot things you overlooked the first time on a second visit. Choose a different time of day to see if the traffic patterns are different, or if noisy neighbours are at home. Remember that no house is 100% perfect, but a hasty decision may become a costly moving mistake!

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