Nobody likes packing, even when the destination is an exciting venture and a fresh new start. It is stressful, seemingly endless, and will have you wondering where exactly all this stuff came from?

No one teaches us how to pack when moving house, and we tend to go with what makes sense - bathroom stuff in one box, kitchen stuff in another, go room by room and try not to leave anything behind. However, that’s not the best route to take.

As professional packers, we have some top tips for effective packing when moving home.


1. Don’t put all your heaviest items in one big box

While putting similar items all in one box makes sense for items such as toiletries and clothing, it’s not always the best idea. A box solely for books is like to be too heavy, so put heavy items in small boxes, or split the box between heavy and lighter items - books and soft furnishings, for example.


2. Bag up your toiletries first

Unpacking your toiletries to find that your expensive creams have leaked is not the fresh start you need. Anything that has the potential to leak, put in a plastic bag first to prevent any accidents.

There’s nothing worse than getting to your new home, opening your box of toiletries and swiftly realising all your favourite creams and bubble baths have leaked. Hart recommends putting any spill-able items in separate plastic bags before packing them. This can apply to cleaning products, too.


3. Don’t lay plates and glasses flat

While it makes sense to lay plates flat in a box, the best way to pack them – and glasses – is stood on end, like you would store old vinyl records.


4. Keep a bag of essentials to one side

The last, but the most essential tip is to ensure you have a bag or box of essentials with you in the car, so you have quick and easy access to anything you need on arrival, such as medicines, a change of clothes, kettle/tea/coffee, toilet roll, toiletries, a couple of towels, pet and baby food, a torch and a screwdriver – anything that might be handy to have easily available.


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